News: Europe – Nintendo Confirms Full Wii U Launch Line-Up

With the Wii U finally out of the door in North America alongside twenty-seven launch titles, Europe’s up next with what Nintendo’s calling “the strongest line-up of games for day one in Nintendo history”. Here’s a full list of the twenty-four Wii U games launching alongside the brand-new system on 30th November in Europe: Continue reading

News: Ubisoft Releases Official ZombiU App for iOS

To coincide with the North American launch of the Wii U and what’s potentially its killer app, ZombiU, Ubisoft has released a free application for Apple iOS devices under the same title.

It’s not a gimmicky touch-based version of the Wii U-exclusive survival horror, however; but a little time-waster which lets you take a photo of your face, before ‘zombifying’ it, recording an ‘Emergency Message’, and sharing it with your friends via Facebook and YouTube.

Perhaps this’ll satiate European gamers until the launch of the Wii U outside of the states? You can download Ubisoft’s free application for iOS devices here.

News: No Matter How Casual a Gamer You Are, Even You Can Enjoy ZombiU’s Multiplayer

As you’ll have probably noticed by now, Ubisoft’s ZombiU has been attracting the attention of die hard Nintendo fans and so-called ‘hardcore’ gamers since its official unveil back at E3. If you’re a gamer that’s more interested in the likes of SiNG Party or Nintendo Land however, there’s a chance that the post-apocalyptic first-person survival horror has slipped your radar. Continue reading

News: Nintendo’s Manchester Play Expo Line-Up Confirmed

This year’s Play Expo at Manchester will play host to one of the first public Wii U showings in the UK, and the full line-up of games you’ll have the chance to get your hands on this weekend has been confirmed. Continue reading

News: Wii U North American Launch Line-Up Confirmed

Nintendo have confirmed the 23 titles that will be released with the Wii U in North America on November 18th.

The Wii U launches with two versions in America. The basic pack has 8GB of flash memory and is priced at about $299.99. The deluxe pack contains 32GB storage, Nintendo Land and a whole bunch of crazy stands.

Continue reading

Feature: Nintendo Direct Wii U Trailer Round-Up

Finding it hard to keep up with the abundance of Wii U news from Nintendo Direct? Struggling to find trailers for the games you’ve heard about and want to see more of? Not to worry: we have all the trailers from yesterday, right here in one handy post; conveniently organised in alphabetical order. Now, get some popcorn and enjoy!

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