Brian “burnt out from porting” Provinciano bringing Retro City Rampage to 3DS


Following a seemingly endless development cycle, Retro City Rampage finally arrived on WiiWare earlier this year, trailing behind last year’s PC, PS3 and Vita versions. As we pointed out in our review, “it achieves everything it set out to achieve in a stylish manner, and is a must-have download for anyone that’s ever considered calling themselves a gamer” – and now it’s coming to a whole new audience on Nintendo 3DS. Continue reading

Review: Retro City Rampage (WiiWare)

RetroCityRampage_boxart_fullresDeveloper: Vblank Entertainment
Publisher: Vblank Entertainment
Review Platform: WiiWare
Also Available on: PC, PS3, PSVita, 360
Genre: Action, adventure
Players: 1
Price: 1000 Wii Points
File Size: 58 blocks
PEGI: 12


As you’ve probably noticed at this point, Retro City Rampage is a  homage to the video games and culture of the ’80s and ’90s, that was originally intended to run on the classic NES hardware. This throwback goes deeper than its 8-bit visuals and chiptune soundtrack, though. Much deeper, in fact. Continue reading

Interview: Retro City Rampage dev talks Wii’s power, Wii U backwards compatibility, and Nintendo’s focus on digital

box_poster_thumbnailRetro City Rampage has finally arrived on WiiWare, some three years after its originally intended release date. Despite countless delays, and the game’s release on other platforms taking precedence over the humble WiiWare version, we’ve caught up with Vblank Entertainment’s proprietor, Brian Provinciano, to briefly discuss all things Nintendo. Continue reading

Video: Retro City Rampage (WiiWare) – Opening thirty minutes

After over three years of development time, Retro City Rampage from Vblank Entertainment has finally hit WiiWare in both Europe and North America. Here’s the first thirty minutes of the game, ahead of our upcoming review:

You can download Retro City Rampage via the Wii Shop Channel on your Wii or Wii U now. Alternatively, hit the game up on Steam here, or head over to Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network Store on either PlayStation 3 or PS Vita if you’d like the game on another format. Without spoiling too much of our review: it’s fantastic.

News: WiiWare makes a comeback with Retro City Rampage and Reel Fishing Ocean Challenge – This Week’s Nintendo Downloads

BannerAs we reported last week, Vblank Entertainment’s hugely anticipated Retro City Rampage is finally hitting WiiWare on Thursday! For those that haven’t picked up the PC, PS3, Vita or 360 version yet, you can get your hands on the game for 1000 Wii Points (around £7), which includes the console-exclusive “ROM City Rampage” prototype demo of the game. With retro references aplenty, it seems there’ll be plenty to see and do in this “8-bit nostalgic throwback” which “warps open-world carjacking back to the ’80s”; with “over 60 story missions and 40 arcade challenges” for you to indulge in. Continue reading