Let’s Play Metroid: Other M with Mister Tanooki [Part 10]

The first part of Mister Tanooki’Metroid: Other M Let’s Play is out now! It’s his first time playing a game in the series, so expect unbiased thoughts on Team Ninja’s interpretation of Samus; along with a healthy dose of humour. You can watch the début episode above, and keep track of the latest episode below. Continue reading

Brian “burnt out from porting” Provinciano bringing Retro City Rampage to 3DS


Following a seemingly endless development cycle, Retro City Rampage finally arrived on WiiWare earlier this year, trailing behind last year’s PC, PS3 and Vita versions. As we pointed out in our review, “it achieves everything it set out to achieve in a stylish manner, and is a must-have download for anyone that’s ever considered calling themselves a gamer” – and now it’s coming to a whole new audience on Nintendo 3DS. Continue reading

Blog: Nintendo and the “Patch Crutch”


I recently played through Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, released on June 14th in North America exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation 3. I began my play-through on June 19th, 5 days after its release. The game was fun enough, but I had a lot of problems with random glitches in different areas, such as guards not appearing until I got up from my crouch, rendered characters dying on a navy blue, flat background, impossible-to-climb ladders complete with buzzing characters, and a wonderfully floaty axe head. When I brought this up to my friend, he said that I had probably run into the problems because it was early in the game’s release, and the game ran much smoother after the released patches. That got me thinking. You shouldn’t have to patch a game to polish gameplay after the game has been sent to the public. Nintendo releases clean, polished games over and over again, is Nintendo ever going to give into the “patch crutch”? Continue reading

Nintendo to halt a select number of Wii services worldwide on June 28th

Nintendo has announced the shutdown of many of the Wii’s long-running services, including the majority of the channel content due to a “very low participation rate”. Previously being announced for Japan, it has now been confirmed that this will also be the case for all Wii-users worldwide next month.


Applications affected by this include:

  • Nintendo Channel
  • News Channel
  • Forecast Channel
  • Everybody Votes Channel
  • Mii Contest Channel
  • Data exchange with friends via WiiConnect24

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