Trine: Enchanted Edition coming to Wii U later this year


As many of you will know at this point, Trine 2: Director’s Cut remains a highlight amongst indie titles in the Wii U eShop, with the iconic platformer earning a solid 9/10 in our review almost two years back. Continue reading

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Review: Super Toy Cars (Wii U eShop)


Super Toy Cars is an interesting little title. Instead of racing in full size cars, the developer, Eclipse Games, decided to take racing to the tabletop. In Super Toy Cars, you’ll race your little toy car around desktops and driveways, collect items to stop your opponents, and race in career and quick races, with local matches replacing the PC version’s online multiplayer.

Developer: Eclipse Games
Publisher: Eclipse Games
Review Platform: Wii U eShop
Also Available on: PC & Mac
EU/NA Release Date: 24/07/14
Genre: Racing
Players: 1-4 locally
Price: £6.99, $7.99, €7.99
File Size: 997.8MB

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Review: Armillo (Wii U eShop)


Before its release, Armillo had been in development for over three years. While it was originally intended to launch on Xbox Live, it was announced in January 2013 that Fuzzy Wuzzy Games had cancelled the game for Microsoft’s system, and had begun porting it over to the Unity game engine – which would soon be supported by the Wii U. After many delays and tweaks to the game’s formula, Armillo has finally surfaced as the eShop’s first title to run on the Unity game engine. And it looks like the wait was worth it.

Developer: Fuzzy Wuzzy Games
Publisher: Fuzzy Wuzzy Games
Review Platform: Wii U eShop
Also Available on: N/A
EU/NA Release Date: 03/07/14
Genre: Platformer
Players: 1
Price: £5.50 | £4.00 until 24/07/14
File Size: 1,345MB

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Nintendo at E3 2014: The Ultimate Round-Up

With the highly anticipated Nintendo Digital Event at E3 2014 over, it’s time for us to look back on this year’s announcements, news and trailers. While Nintendo continues to broadcast live streams from Los Angeles on Twitch, you can re-watch the whole presentation above; while below, we break down the most important and exciting announcements of the day.

It’s recap time! And for your convenience, clicking on any heading below will take you right to that particular game’s E3 trailer. Continue reading

Review: Chubbins (Wii U eShop)


Chubbins is a simple game. Originally released on iOS devices, the developer, Dahku Creations, touts the game as “…a smoothly simple precision platformer that aims to deliver a hardcore challenge that old-school gamers will appreciate.” You play as a chunky rabbit, constantly bouncing around on blocks, evading fez wearing birds and badgers with bowler hats, dodging spike balls, and occasionally defying gravity. The journey to the Nintendo eShop, however, has not been a kind one. To call Chubbins shovelware doesn’t quite do it justice, as there were some moments where there was a good time to be had learning how to move through a level, but the abysmal presentation of all aspects of the game bogged down the experience considerably.

Developer: Dahku Creations
Publisher: Dahku Creations
Review Platform: Wii U eShop
Also Available on: iOS
Price: $5.99
NA Release Date: 05/06/14
EU Release Date: TBC
Genre: Platformer
Players: 1

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Review: Abyss (Wii U Download)


Developer: EnjoyUp Games
Publisher: EnjoyUp
Review Platform: Wii U eShop
Also Available on: DSiWare
Price: £1.79
EU Release Date: 08/05/14
NA Release Date: 01/05/14
Genre: Action Platformer
Players: 1-2
File-Size: 100mb
PEGI: 3+


You are Nep2no, and you are a biomechanical robot in the year 3024. The entire human race is endangered by its lack of self-sufficiency, and you are the only means available to retrieve a newly-found yet highly-important energy source, Gaia, from deep within the Earth’s abyss. Continue reading

Nintendo Direct Presentation reveals free Wii U game with Mario Kart 8 purchases

Nintendo has uploaded a brand-new Direct presentation to its YouTube account, showing off over half-an-hour of new Mario Kart 8 footage. Along with new details, it was also revealed that those who purchase the game before the end of July – either physically or from the Nintendo eShop – will also receive a free download code for one of the following Wii U titles: Continue reading