Check out this stunning Bravely Default trailer

If you’re interested in Bravely Default - the 3DS RPG heading to the Europe next month – you’ll want to check out this video. The latest trailer offers a short demonstration of the upcoming title’s gameplay, story, visuals and its stunning soundtrack.

Pre-order the standalone game here, or check out the classy Collector’s Edition here, exclusive to in the UK.

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News: La-Mulana Finally Adventures Onto the European WiiWare Service

It’s unusual for the download highlight of the week to be heading to the Wii Shop Channel, but there you go: Nigoro’s localisation of the retro-styled, side-scrolling adventure game La-Mulana is finally heading to WiiWare in Europe this week thanks to publisher/rescuer EnjoyUp Games.
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News: Zelda II Arrives in Nintendo eShop For Non-Ambassadors

Another week, another set of downloads headed to Nintendo’s digital stores. This week plays host to quite the comprehensive list, covering all formats – find out if there’s anything for you below.
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News: Picross E Finally Arriving In European eShop This Week

It’s finally here! Since launching alongside the Japanese Nintendo eShop in July of last year – ahead of its sequel which arrived just five months later – Jupiter’s addictive puzzle series Picross is finally making the jump to the European eShop as Picross E is set to launch this Thursday. If you’re not a puzzle fan, there’s not much else for you this week, unfortunately; if you’ve played a previous game in the series, though, you’ll be right at home.
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News: Kirby Stacks Up On Top Of This Week’s Nintendo Downloads

A day late, thanks to the long weekend we’ve all been treated to, this week’s Nintendo downloads have been confirmed – and it’s not a pretty sight. A third Kirby game heading to the Virtual Console and your weekly dose of Theatrhythm Add-On Content aside, it’s a fairly lacklustre line-up heading to Nintendo’s digital stores this Thursday.
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News: Vote For Your Favourite Nintendo Games In The Golden Joystick Awards

If you love Nintendo and want to support its games further than simply buying and playing them, now’s your chance to help the games you love achieve the recognition they deserve: voting in The Golden Joystick Awards’ shortlist has now opened, and there’s nine Nintendo exclusives across sixteen categories for you to choose from – not including the ports heading to Wii U at some point in the future. Continue reading