Check out this stunning Bravely Default trailer

If you’re interested in Bravely Default – the 3DS RPG heading to the Europe next month – you’ll want to check out this video. The latest trailer offers a short demonstration of the upcoming title’s gameplay, story, visuals and its stunning soundtrack.

Pre-order the standalone game here, or check out the classy Collector’s Edition here, exclusive to in the UK.

News: La-Mulana Finally Adventures Onto the European WiiWare Service

It’s unusual for the download highlight of the week to be heading to the Wii Shop Channel, but there you go: Nigoro’s localisation of the retro-styled, side-scrolling adventure game La-Mulana is finally heading to WiiWare in Europe this week thanks to publisher/rescuer EnjoyUp Games.
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News: Zelda II Arrives in Nintendo eShop For Non-Ambassadors

Another week, another set of downloads headed to Nintendo’s digital stores. This week plays host to quite the comprehensive list, covering all formats – find out if there’s anything for you below.
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News: Picross E Finally Arriving In European eShop This Week

It’s finally here! Since launching alongside the Japanese Nintendo eShop in July of last year – ahead of its sequel which arrived just five months later – Jupiter’s addictive puzzle series Picross is finally making the jump to the European eShop as Picross E is set to launch this Thursday. If you’re not a puzzle fan, there’s not much else for you this week, unfortunately; if you’ve played a previous game in the series, though, you’ll be right at home.
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News: Kirby Stacks Up On Top Of This Week’s Nintendo Downloads

A day late, thanks to the long weekend we’ve all been treated to, this week’s Nintendo downloads have been confirmed – and it’s not a pretty sight. A third Kirby game heading to the Virtual Console and your weekly dose of Theatrhythm Add-On Content aside, it’s a fairly lacklustre line-up heading to Nintendo’s digital stores this Thursday.
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