Check out Resident Evil: Revelations’ exclusive Wii U features in this trailer

resident_evil_revelationsResident Evil: Revelations is arriving on HD consoles on 24th May, following its previously-exclusive release on Nintendo 3DS early last year. Alongside the new additions in the multi-platform release – a harder difficulty mode and new enemy types – Wii U owners will benefit from Off-TV Play and Miiverse interaction. You can check out the Wii U exclusive features in the latest trailer. Continue reading

Video: Resident Evil: Revelations (Wii U) – Infernal Gamepay Trailer

Capcom’s Wii U port of Resident Evil: Revelations comes with an additional difficulty level – Infernal – aimed at those that mastered last year’s brilliant Nintendo 3DS game. Ahead of its May release date, here’s a trailer showing off its “harder campaign difficulty” and “remixed enemy placement”:

You can pre-order Resident Evil: Revelations for Wii U here.

News: Vote For Your Favourite Nintendo Games In The Golden Joystick Awards

If you love Nintendo and want to support its games further than simply buying and playing them, now’s your chance to help the games you love achieve the recognition they deserve: voting in The Golden Joystick Awards’ shortlist has now opened, and there’s nine Nintendo exclusives across sixteen categories for you to choose from – not including the ports heading to Wii U at some point in the future. Continue reading

News: Resident Evil, Cooking Mama Demos Headed to Nintendo eShop Tomorrow

In the December firmware update for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo updated the eShop’s functionality to allow its users to download demo versions of upcoming retail releases, albeit not actually releasing any demos outside of Japan (who got to try out the upcoming 3D remake of Monster Hunter Tri, amongst others).

This is set to change tomorrow, however, as demos of Capcom’s Resident Evil Revelations and 505 Games’ Cooking Mama 4 shall be downloadable to European Nintendo 3DS owners after the weekly update at 2pm.

Whilst Cooking Mama 4 hit shelves in November of last year, Revelations is released on 27th January alongside the Circle Pad Pro.

Have you played Cooking Mama? Pre-ordered Resident Evil? Let us know if tomorrow’s demos persuade you to do either in the comments below.


News: New Resident Evil Revelations Trailer and Early-2012 Release Confirmed

Fans of the survival-horror genre and the Resident Evil franchise are in for a treat early next year as that’s when Capcom’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS game, Resident Evil Revelations, is set to launch worldwide. If this doesn’t get you excited, you should watch the following trailer from this year’s Gamescom.

In the trailer, you can see some sublime visuals which aren’t far from rivalling the HD graphics of Sony’s PlayStation 3, some classic Resident Evil gameplay (which a lot of fans thought the latest entry in the series, Resident Evil 5, lacked), as well as Chris Redfield’s new partner, Jessica.

Be sure to get your pre-orders for this game in early as we’re adamant that this is going to be one of 2012’s first big-hitters.

News: Resident Evil Revelations Demo Detailed

In a recent interview with the Official Nintendo Magazine, series producer Masachika Kawata revealed more details regarding the Resident Evil Revelations demo which will be bundled with all copies of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, set to be released on 1 July in the UK.

From the interview, we can also learn that Resident Evil Revelations will be playable at Nintendo’s booth during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011.

The playable character will be Jill Valentine and the game takes place inside a cruise ship liner so she goes into the boat which is like a very eerie type of Resident Evil universe.

There isn’t much of a storyline – it’s a very short demo – but you will get a feeling of what Resident Evil Revelations will be like. The script has been fixed and we are full-on developing the game.

Revelations will be shown at the Nintendo booth at E3. You’ll have to wait until E3 to find out more but everything is new from the script to the gameplay system and how we’ve developed the game.

Masachika Kawata, Resident Evil producer, Capcom.

Are you getting The Mercenaries 3D? Do you think the demo will encourage sales of Revelations? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @NintendoInvader

Source – Official Nintendo Magazine