Pokémon X and Y pre-order bonus includes figures and art book

If you’re lucky enough to live in Japan then you can get your hands on a special Xerneas or Yveltal figure, depending on which version of Pokémon X and Y you pre-order. You also get a clear file folder that includes artwork from the new games. However, if you pre-order both games you’ll get a Pokémon X and Y World Art book and a CD. In order to get any of these free goodies though, you must pre-order the games from a Japanese Pokémon Center. Continue reading

Global Link service for Pokémon Black/White to be put to sleep 14th January 2014


On Monday the official Global Link website had posted a notice regarding the services it has provided for hit titles, Pokémon Black and White over the past two years. The notice has stated that the service is set to be completely shut down for all Gen V games by January 2014, starting this October in preparation for a new and improved Global Link for use with upcoming titles Pokémon X/Y later this year. Continue reading

News: Limited Edition 3DS XL Bundles Get Firm Release Dates

Last month it was confirmed that Europe would be treated to – albeit in limited quantities – two new Nintendo 3DS XL colours: White and Pikachu Yellow; with the former arriving on 16th November, with a pre-installed copy of Mario Kart 7. Continue reading

Review: Pokédex 3D Pro (3DS Download)

Developer: Creatures Inc.
Publisher: Nintendo
Review Platform: 3DS Download
Also Available on: N/A
Release Date: 08/11/12
Genre: Application
Players: 1

If you’ve ever experienced Pokédex 3D, you’ll know that it was a fun little app which, despite its rather tiresome method of unlocking new Pokémon, did a good job of providing Poképlayers with useful information regarding the creatures in the latest DS adventures, Black and White. Above all else though, it was free. Continue reading