Review: PICROSS e (3DS Download)


Developer: Jupiter
Publisher: Jupiter
Review Platform: 3DS Download
Also Available on: N/A
Release Date: 06/09/12
Genre: Puzzle
Players: 1
PEGI: 3+


As with many long-running franchises, Picross games are always guaranteed to be a lot of fun, although there’s always that underlining concern that the latest game’s barely changed since its previous iteration. In terms of Picross E specifically, Jupiter’s implemented a number of new features to make its latest puzzler appropriate to a wider audience, but is there enough innovation to make the latest entry different enough from the Game Boy original – which is also available from the Nintendo eShop? Continue reading

News: Picross E Finally Arriving In European eShop This Week

It’s finally here! Since launching alongside the Japanese Nintendo eShop in July of last year – ahead of its sequel which arrived just five months later – Jupiter’s addictive puzzle series Picross is finally making the jump to the European eShop as Picross E is set to launch this Thursday. If you’re not a puzzle fan, there’s not much else for you this week, unfortunately; if you’ve played a previous game in the series, though, you’ll be right at home.
Continue reading