The original Phoenix Wright trilogy is getting a 3DS re-release in Japan


Not one to pass up an opportunity to port its games to new hardware, Capcom has announced that the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney trilogy is coming to Nintendo 3DS; having made its Game Boy Advance début in 2001, with countless ports of the three games already available on WiiWare, DS and mobile platforms. Continue reading

Pokémon Bank pricing confirmed for Europe and Australia


Anyone who’s already played Pokémon X & Y will probably be aware of the upcoming service which gives you an extra 100 boxes’ worth of storage, as well as finally allowing you to transfer your older ‘mon from previous games. The Pokémon Bank service will come included with companion app Poké Transporter tool which allows you to transfer your precious creatures from DS games Pokémon Black & White and Pokémon Black and White 2 over to X and Y. Continue reading

Devil Survivor 2 needs your help if it’s to see light of day in Europe

DS2 Logo

European RPG fans finally got their chance to experience Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor earlier this year, as its enhanced 3DS port – sub-titled Overclocked – arrived courtesy of Ghostlight back in March. If you enjoyed that particular title, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a chance that its DS sequel could arrive on the ageing handheld later this year – but Ghostlight needs your help. Continue reading

Global Link service for Pokémon Black/White to be put to sleep 14th January 2014


On Monday the official Global Link website had posted a notice regarding the services it has provided for hit titles, Pokémon Black and White over the past two years. The notice has stated that the service is set to be completely shut down for all Gen V games by January 2014, starting this October in preparation for a new and improved Global Link for use with upcoming titles Pokémon X/Y later this year. Continue reading

Doodle Jump making the leap to Nintendo handhelds

doodle_jumpHaving surpassed ten million downloads as a sub-£1 release on iOS and Android, developer Lima Sky has revealed that Doodle Jump is coming to Nintendo 3DS and DS later this year. As a competitively-priced download from the eShop or DSi Shop, you may be asking? Nope! Lima Sky’s unveiled its work-in-progress boxart, signifying an upcoming retail release.

News: Chasing Aurora and Naruto Powerful Shippuden both have demos in the eShop

chasing_auroraFrom the developers of And Yet It Moves, Wii U eShop launch title Chasing Aurora now has a free demo available to download. If you like what you see, you’ll also be able to pick the game up at half price – at £5.39 – until Thursday.

Namco’s also released a free demo of Naruto Powerful Shippuden, this time on Nintendo 3DS. It’s only available to download until 4th April though, so be sure to pick it up soon if you’re interested in the full retail release. Continue reading

News: WiiWare makes a comeback with Retro City Rampage and Reel Fishing Ocean Challenge – This Week’s Nintendo Downloads

BannerAs we reported last week, Vblank Entertainment’s hugely anticipated Retro City Rampage is finally hitting WiiWare on Thursday! For those that haven’t picked up the PC, PS3, Vita or 360 version yet, you can get your hands on the game for 1000 Wii Points (around £7), which includes the console-exclusive “ROM City Rampage” prototype demo of the game. With retro references aplenty, it seems there’ll be plenty to see and do in this “8-bit nostalgic throwback” which “warps open-world carjacking back to the ’80s”; with “over 60 story missions and 40 arcade challenges” for you to indulge in. Continue reading