Nintendo Direct Presentation reveals free Wii U game with Mario Kart 8 purchases

Nintendo has uploaded a brand-new Direct presentation to its YouTube account, showing off over half-an-hour of new Mario Kart 8 footage. Along with new details, it was also revealed that those who purchase the game before the end of July – either physically or from the Nintendo eShop – will also receive a free download code for one of the following Wii U titles: Continue reading

Nintendo Direct Mini confirms EarthBound is out now, reveals new Wii U and 3DS game info

The long-awaited EarthBound, which originally hit the Japanese market in 1995, is finally making its way to Europe for the first time. Confirmed during today’s surprise Nintendo Direct Mini presentation, the classic SNES title is available to download via the Wii U eShop in both Europe and North America now; alongside this week’s other new additions which include Donkey Kong for 30p, and WayForward’s original Shantae on 3DS. Continue reading

Blog: E3 Nintendo Directs A “Mature” Decision

iwataAround the end of April, I logged into my various social network feeds ready to catch up on gaming news around the world. E3 was creeping closer and closer, and the rumors had started trickling in, some believable, some straight up lies, all hyping up my expectations for the showcase. Previous years had been a bit of a letdown, but I had forgiven and forgotten. We would soon hear new announcements. New gear, new tech, new games, new everything.  Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo. “The Big 3” were in my brain constantly. Would Microsoft’s next console finally get worldwide attention? Would the PS4 show why social integration into games mattered? And what of Nintendo, that glorious stallion? With the Wii U just released, what kind of conference would they have to hold to secure the attention of the masses? Continue reading

Monster Hunter 4 release date and special 3DS bundles confirmed for Japan


In the latest Japan-exclusive Nintendo Direct, new details emerged regarding Capcom titles Monster Hunter 4 and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies. While initially set for a ‘Spring’ release, the latest game in the will be released September 14th for 5,990 yen (roughly £39). Oh, and that’s not all – we were shown a brand-new trailer along with two exclusive Monster Hunter-themed 3DS XL consoles, which will come bundled with a copy of the game.

Continue reading