Monster Hunter 4 release date and special 3DS bundles confirmed for Japan


In the latest Japan-exclusive Nintendo Direct, new details emerged regarding Capcom titles Monster Hunter 4 and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies. While initially set for a ‘Spring’ release, the latest game in the will be released September 14th for 5,990 yen (roughly £39). Oh, and that’s not all – we were shown a brand-new trailer along with two exclusive Monster Hunter-themed 3DS XL consoles, which will come bundled with a copy of the game.

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News: Nintendo giving away free game downloads to all 3DS XL owners

Nintendo’s being rather generous, of late. Yesterday, it was confirmed that New Super Mario Bros. 2 would be getting a free add-on content pack to commemorate a huge coin total in the game’s Coin Rush mode; and today, Nintendo’s confirmed that it’s giving away a free game download, just because you own a Nintendo 3DS XL – and not a £3.60 Virtual Cosnole download, either. Continue reading

Feature: Nintendo 3DS XL Overview

Keen for us all to remember the launch of the Nintendo 3DS XL tomorrow, Nintendo’s kindly reminded us all of what the 3DS’s first reiteration has to offer. Rather than copying out the entire press release, here’s our summary:

  • Nintendo 3DS XL launches across Europe tomorrow (Saturday, 28th July).
  • Will be available in the colours Silver + Black, Red + Black and Blue + Black.
  • Boasts the biggest screen ever on a Nintendo handheld with 90% bigger screens.
  • Its surface is only 46% bigger than the current Nintendo 3DS – 3D experiences still comfortably fit in the palm of your hands.
  • Glasses free 3D upper screen offers a larger area – measuring 4.88 inches, there will be proportionally more 3D screen compared to the overall frame.
  • The rim around the edge of the top screen has been streamlined, creating a slim look.
  • The 90% increase in the upper screen size is reflected for the bottom screen, which is now 4.18 inches.
  • It features a larger battery capacity which offers six hours 30 minutes – up from five hours on the original handheld.
  • With upcoming titles such as New Super Mario Bros.becoming available as digital downloads, you’ll be glad of the extra space – up from 2GB to 4GB.
  • Nintendo 3DS XL features the full capabilities of the original Nintendo 3DS.
  • The console launches alongside New Art Academy: Learn New Painting Techniques and Share Your Art and FreakyForms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive!
  • So get ready for an extra-large July 28th when Nintendo 3DS XL launches across Europe.

All of our previous Nintendo 3DS XL articles are here for your viewing pleasure. If you are yet to pre-order your new, extra-large handheld, you can do so from Amazon here.

News: 3DS XL ‘Not All That Compelling’ – Pachter

Nintendo may consider itself on track to return the 3DS to profitability with the forthcoming launch of the new 3DS XL, although Wedbush Morgan analyst, Michael Pachter believes it’s not so simple for the console manufacturer:

“The larger 3DS format is not all that compelling for the customer, and although I think the XL will help sales, I don’t think that the impact will revive weak sales of handhelds overall.”

On a slightly related note, Pachter has expressed his beliefs that the PlayStation Vita’s slow sales have been due to, much like with the 3DS in its first months, its price and a lack of software:

“Vita’s too expensive for most, priced pretty much the same as the PS3 everywhere. While I think the Vita is good value and a great device, when compared to the PS3 it’s pretty expensive.

“Also, there is not much of a library of Vita games, so sales will probably be slow until we see more content.”

Nintendo’s doing something right with the 3DS, then, with a more-than-reasonable price tag, and a solid collection of both released and upcoming games; although whether the 3DS XL can revitalise the system’s fortunes completely remains to be seen.

Source: VG24/7