Here’s a look at Kung Fu Rabbit’s opening ten stages

Since its release on iOS and Android last year, Neko Entertainment has ported and re-released Kung Fu Rabbit on Wii U, via the Nintendo eShop. It’s only £4.49, but if you’re still wary about splashing the cash on a relatively unknown title, you can get a feel for the game as we play through its opening ten stages below:

Kung Fu Rabbit is out now in the European eShop, while North American gamers can expect it to arrive in their region on 4th May.

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Virtue’s Last Reward and Level-5’s Guild01 games get discounted in the eShop this week

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Review: Puddle (Wii U Download)

puddleDeveloper: Neko Entertainment
Publisher: Neko Entertainment
Review Platform: Wii U Download
Also Available on: PC, 360, PS3, Vita
Release Date: 30/11/12
Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Players: 1
Price: £7.19 (promo price)
File Size: 592MB


We can’t help but feel a little sorry for Puddle. After all, it is without a shadow of doubt the least well-known game to arrive in the eShop on launch day – so much so that we didn’t even know about it until the day before its release. And that’s a shame, because Puddle doesn’t do a lot wrong. What it does get right, though, is often marred by its own unambitious levels and a few questionable design choices along the way. Continue reading