News: WayForward open to adding new levels to Mighty Switch Force! on Wii U

mighty_switch_force_hdMighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition on Wii U features the original 3DS game’s sixteen stages, the five Bonus levels that were added via a downloadable update, as well as another twenty-one Hyper challenges – which rehash the first game’s levels and turn up the difficulty a couple of notches.

Despite Hyper Drive Edition’s extra content, though, WayForward’s revealed, in an interview with Siliconera, that it’s happy to release new levels for the game at some point in the future, if it’s what fans want. Continue reading

Review: Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition (Wii U Download)

mighty_switch_force_hyper_drive_editionDeveloper: WayForward
Publisher: WayForward
Review Platform: Wii U Download
Also Available on: 3DS Download
Release Date: 06/12/12
Genre: Action/Puzzle Platformer
Players: 1
Price: £8.99
File Size: 486MB
PEGI: 12


Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition makes its way to the Wii U’s eShop as a port of last year’s downloadable 3DS hit, Mighty Switch Force! If you’ve already shelled out on and enjoyed the handheld alternative, you’ll be wondering whether this HD remake features enough new content to warrant a second purchase – especially when taking its higher price tag into consideration. From a technical standpoint, Mighty Switch Force! on Wii U holds up at least as well as it did on 3DS. Continue reading

News: Mighty Switch Force! HD Renamed Hyper Drive Edition

Of all the upcoming indie titles heading to the Nintendo eShop at some point during the Wii U’s launch window, Mighty Switch Force! HD is one game in particular that its developer has kept rather quiet about since its official reveal.

Now entitled Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition, WayForward’s kept details regarding the upcoming platformer largely under wraps; and whilst this trailer’s description confirms that the game will run at 1080p HD, we can only hope that some actual footage will be shown off in the near future. Continue reading

News: WayForward Bringing Shantae, Mighty Switch Force to Wii U

The first of what’s sure to be many HD remakes.

America’s official Nintendo magazine, Nintendo Power has revealed that WayForward is porting its first Nintendo 3DS game, Mighty Switch Force, to the launch window of Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console. Aside from being upscaled to a high definition resolution (and losing its recently-enhanced 3D effect) here’s a list of what’s to be included in Mighty Switch Force! HD:

  • Sprites being redrawn
  • Game includes the ‘bonus incident’ DLC from eShop update
  • May include new content as well
  • GamePad screen displays the Hooligan Tracker
  • Play the game just on the Wii U GamePad, which will feature a shrunken-down Hooligan Tracker

Also aiming for the Wii U’s launch window is another game from WayForward Technologies – this time in the form of a game in the Shantae series. Whilst the original was a Game Boy Color title, its sequel – Risky’s Revenge – arrived on DSiWare early last year; after something of a cliffhanger ending, the president of WayForward has decided that his company will develop a sequel for Wii U, it’s been revealed in an interview with Nintendojo.

Nintendojo: Speaking of Shantae, is there anything coming down the pipeline that you can talk about?

Voldi Way (WF president): Um, I mean, I wish I could say something specific, but we are working on it. Like I would expect to see it on, you know, Wii U, uh, it’s just, I don’t want to commit a time because it always gets… even though we have been working on it, you know, like I said it gets pushed to the back burner, so um, originally we were hoping to have something for launch, but that’s clearly not going to happen. But yeah, Shantae is definitely in the works, and the last one, Risky’s Revenge, kind of left off on, like, a down note, so we have to address that, right? So yeah, definitely more Shantae, for sure.

Is anyone else looking forward to seeing WayForward’s sprite-based games getting a HD make-over? We certainly are!

Source: Nintendo Power, Nintendojo

News: Nintendo eShop Celebrates First Anniversary with Discounts

£9 no longer! For a week…

Nintendo revealed during its Nintendo Direct presentation this morning that, in celebration of its first anniversary, five Nintendo eShop games are available to download at a discounted price, with another five to follow in a week’s time. Here’s the list of games that are currently 20% cheaper when downloaded from the 3DS:

Zen Pinball 3D
Let’s Golf! 3D
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
Super Mario Land 

On 28th June these games will return to their original prices, whilst five more get their prices slashed:

Dillon’s Rolling Western
FreakyForms: Your Creations, Alive!
Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH!
Mighty Switch Force!
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

From the first selection we’d wholeheartedly recommend Pullblox and Link’s Awakening, followed by WayForward’s fantastic Mighty Switch Force! which recently received a free update which added five new levels. Oh, and the Super Mario Land games also deserve a mention for those that want/haven’t already had a taste of Mario’s first handheld adventures.

If these games sell well enough during the next couple of weeks it may convince Nintendo to cut games’ prices more often, so if there’s a game here you’re interested in we’d urge you to download it if possible.

Also on the eShop today are demos of Square Enix’s Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts 3D. Having played through both, we can safely say that the final games are well worth waiting for, and if you own a 3DS that’s connected to the Internet, download them right away!

News: Free Mighty Switch Force DLC Available This Week [Updated]

Update: WayForward has confirmed via its blog that the free update to Mighty Switch Force will indeed include five new levels, an improvement to the 3D effect, and a retry button to the game’s pause menu.

Bonus content:

  • 5 all new bonus levels
  • Enhanced stereoscopic effect to all previous levels
  • By popular request, a “retry” button for dedicated speed runners

As confirmed by WayForward last month, Mighty Switch Force is set to receive an update which expands on the original download, and attempts to rectify the problems critics had with the game when it first launched last year.

Adding five brand-new levels to the game, those who have already purchased Mighty Switch Force get to download the update at no extra cost, and for those put off by its length the first time around can finally get a taste of WayForward’s excellent platformer for the original price of £5.40

Also out on the Nintendo eShop this week is Art of Balance Touch, the sequel to the WiiWare  game Art of Balance, which will set you back £6.30.

Rumour has it that the Mighty Switch Force update also adds a retry button to the pause menu, and enhances the 3D effect, although neither of these have been confirmed, so we’ll just have to wait until Thursday to find out.

News: Mighty Switch Force to Get New Levels and Features in Upcoming Update

Update: WayForward have now confirmed that the rumoured update to Mighty Switch Force is actually in development via their Twitter feed:

“There’s this crazy rumor going around that there’s an awesome update coming soon to Mighty Switch Force on 3DS. Yeah, it’s totally true…”

While Mighty Switch Force released last year to a generally positive reception, its biggest flaw, as pointed out by a majority of critics, was its length, or lack thereof. WayForward have seemingly taken this into account and decided to make use of the 3DS’s downloadable content functionality as, according to a NeoGAF forum member, a free update to the game will be made available in the future.

The update is said to not only add five brand-new levels to the game, but also a retry button to the game’s pause menu, and an improvement to the already reasonably-impressive use of the 3DS’s stereoscopic display.

Are you happy with the game without an update, or were you left longing for more levels after beating it and achieving all sixteen Par times?

Source: Nintendo World Report