Mario and Donkey Kong to feature a level editor

mario_and_donkey_kongMario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move hits 3DS as an eShop exclusive in just three weeks, following its announcement during the previous Nintendo Direct presentation in February.

Arriving on 9th May in Europe, the puzzle platformer will feature 180 levels in the core download, although it’ll also offer a fully-fledged level editor. Perhaps most excitingly, though, you’ll be able to upload your creations for others to enjoy, while downloading others’ masterpieces – presumably via an in-game store hosting user-generated content – will undoubtedly extend the game’s lifespan immeasurably.


News: Mario and Donkey Kong teaming up on Nintendo 3DS

mario_and_donkey_kongA brand-new game in the long-running Mario vs. Donkey Kong series will see the two arch-nemeses teaming up on Nintendo 3DS, in the tentatively-titled Mario and Donkey Kong.

In a new twist for the puzzle franchise, the game will feature 3D puzzles, and see Mario and Donkey Kong working together in an attempt to save Peach and Pauline.