Review: Aero Porter (3DS Download)


Developer: Vivarium / Level-5
Publisher: Level-5
Review Platform: 3DS Download
Also Available On: N/A
Release Date: 29/11/12
Genre: Simulation / Strategy
Players: 1
Price: £4.49


Airports are tedious. They’re full of queuing, rushing and, if you’re like me and are nervous about flying, airports are also full of worrying. Aeroporter is similar in a way. It’s a game full of waiting, hurrying and stress. But I’d struggle to call Aeroporter tedious. Frequently frustrating, sure, but never tedious.

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News: Aero Porter, Pokémon and a pair of demos head up this week’s Nintendo downloads – full line-up

As us Europeans head into the final stretch before the launch of Wii U this Friday, this week’s Nintendo download update is curiously lacking a launch line-up for the new system’s digital store. That’s not to say that the 3DS isn’t poised to have as good a week as ever, though – here’s what’s out on Thursday: Continue reading

News: Guild01’s Aero Porter Release Date Confirmed

As the Japanese developers behind Level-5’s Guild02 work on their respective mini-games, the second of three Guild01 titles – Aero Porter from Yoot Saito – has been given a firm release date for Europe and North America.

Whilst the retail package launched in Japan back in May, Aero Porter is arriving in Western Nintendo eShops on 29th November, for £4.49 / $4.99 / €4.99. Continue reading

News: Level-5 Hoping to Localise the Fourth Guild01 Mini-Game, Guild02

With Liberation Maiden barely even out of the door, and with its two Guild01 counterparts – Aero Porter and Crimson Shroud – set to launch before the end of the year, Level-5’s been asked whether the Japanese-only sequel, Guild02, is likely to see its mini-games localised and released individually via the Nintendo eShop. Here’s the publisher’s response: Continue reading

Review: Liberation Maiden (3DS Download)

Liberation Maiden

Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture / Level-5
Publisher: Level-5
Review Platform: 3DS Download
Also Available On: N/A
Release Date: 05/10/12
Genre: Shoot ’em up
Players: 1
PEGI: 12


As a mini-game that makes up a quarter of the Japanese-only retail release titled Guild01 from Level-5, Liberation Maiden is Suda51’s contribution to the compilation; which is arriving on Western eShops as a standalone download. Despite costing less than a quarter of the price of your average retail title, the biggest concern with Liberation Maiden is that it doesn’t stand up by itself without Aero Porter and Crimson Shroud. Continue reading

News: Nintendo Direct 21/04/12 (Japan) – Round-Up, Including New Super Mario Bros. 2 and a New 3DS Firmware Update

At 4am this morning Nintendo hosted another of their Nintendo Direct streams, in which they revealed New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS, showed off more gameplay footage of other Nintendo DS and 3DS titles, and told Japanese gamers how to adjust their controls in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

We were (somehow) wide awake, live-tweeting the event as it happened; so for all you sensible people out there, here’s a summary of our tweets from when the event was happening:

  • Good morning, world! How many of you are crazy enough to be awake at 4am?
  • Here we go! Introduction from Iwata himself. No subtitles, though.
  • Kirby 20th Anniversary logo revealed; mentions a 3D Classics Kirby game. Not sure which.
  • Six Just Dance boxes shown off.
  • Four-player Just Dance gameplay…
  • Pokémon Black & White 2 gameplay footage! This is more like it!
  • Mentions 3DS in the same sentence as Pokémon Black and White 2
  • Pokémon AR shooting game coming to the Nintendo eShop.
  • Another Pokémon app for the Nintendo eShop… seems to connect to Black & White 2?
  • ‘Pokémon *insert Japanese name here* Pro.’
  • Guild 01 from Level 5 for the Nintendo 3DS footage is being shown.
  • Dragon Quest 3DS gameplay footage is looking pretty impressive. Uses Mii characters.
  • A 3D ‘Dungeon RPG’ from Atlus with gameplay. It all looks very… Japanese. [Etrian Odyssey IV]
  • Another Level 5 game…
  • A rhythm game from Namco Bandai! Looks very Rhythm Paradise-y. Also, very Japanese.
  • Rune Factory 4 is being shown off. Finally, a game with a title we can read!
  • Sega, Namco and Capcom’s game, Project X Zone gets its first trailer showing off characters from each of the three companies.
  • Mario Tennis Open gameplay is looking very impressive… for a tennis game. Customisation looks pretty in-depth.
  • A turn-based strategy game with Download Play being its main feature…?
  • More collectible AR cards in the style of Kid Icarus: Uprising for said strategy game.
  • Wow, Download Play, AR cards and… Twitter integration!?
  • Cartoony football game for 3DS that we’ve seen before looks… the same as before.
  • … Seems to emphasise three-player versus.
  • New Nintendo 3DS firmware update adds folders!
  • Now we can finally sort our NES Ambassador games from our GBA Ambassador games!
  • Is he talking about Mario Kart 7 DLC? He seemed to say ‘Mario Kart 7,’ then ‘Nintendo eShop.’ [It was actually a patch for the Wuhu Island track glitch!]
  • What’s this!? A Kid Icarus: Uprising… sequel? DLC? What is this!? [Turns out it was the first of two rather long videos teaching you how to adjust the controls in Uprising.]
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising CD available for either 400 or 250… somethings. Club Nintendo points?
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening‘s graphics are looking very nice indeed.
  • Monster Hunter Tri G menu screen. [Possibly showing DLC quests?]
  • And now, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy gameplay.
  • Animal Crossing 3DS screens – a confirmed 2012 release for the game in Japan.
  • 2D Super Mario game for Nintendo 3DS screens shown!! Called New Super Mario Bros. 2!
  • Another Etrian Odyssey IV trailer now.
  • Etrian Odyssey IV has ‘Casual’ difficulty mode, for you n00bs out there.
  • Is this a Wii U game? What’s that tablet this presenter woman’s using?
  • Not a Wii U controller, it seems.
  • More Kid Icarus gameplay? Um, Nintendo, you released this game already.
  • It seems to be focusing on the controls a lot, and they did mention the eShop earlier. Are they releasing a patch? [No, they were telling us in more detail how to adjust the controls.]
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 releasing in August in America! Might we get the game earlier?! We hope so!
  • Aaand, that’s it?

That was indeed ‘it’. What do you make of the announcements? More importantly, did you wake up at 4am to watch?

Of course, this was the Japanese Nintendo Direct stream; Nintendo of Europe shall be hosting their own at mid-day today. If you’d like to keep up-to-date with that, follow our Twitter account as we’ll be doing yet another live tweet-along. Until then, back to sleep!