News: Fire Emblem: Awakening gets Limited Edition 3DS XL bundle, free Add-On Content, and release date

fire_emblem_awakeningIntelligent Systems’ Fire Emblem: Awakening is finally arriving on European shores on 19th April.

Following an apology for the delay in Europe, Shibata confirmed that a stunning Nintendo 3DS XL bundle, featuring a pre-installed copy of the game, would be arriving exclusively in Europe on the game’s launch day, alongside the first Add-On Content pack – “Champions of Yore 1” – which will be available for free for a limited time.

News: Nintendo Direct 21/04/12 (Japan) – Round-Up, Including New Super Mario Bros. 2 and a New 3DS Firmware Update

At 4am this morning Nintendo hosted another of their Nintendo Direct streams, in which they revealed New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS, showed off more gameplay footage of other Nintendo DS and 3DS titles, and told Japanese gamers how to adjust their controls in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

We were (somehow) wide awake, live-tweeting the event as it happened; so for all you sensible people out there, here’s a summary of our tweets from when the event was happening:

  • Good morning, world! How many of you are crazy enough to be awake at 4am?
  • Here we go! Introduction from Iwata himself. No subtitles, though.
  • Kirby 20th Anniversary logo revealed; mentions a 3D Classics Kirby game. Not sure which.
  • Six Just Dance boxes shown off.
  • Four-player Just Dance gameplay…
  • Pokémon Black & White 2 gameplay footage! This is more like it!
  • Mentions 3DS in the same sentence as Pokémon Black and White 2
  • Pokémon AR shooting game coming to the Nintendo eShop.
  • Another Pokémon app for the Nintendo eShop… seems to connect to Black & White 2?
  • ‘Pokémon *insert Japanese name here* Pro.’
  • Guild 01 from Level 5 for the Nintendo 3DS footage is being shown.
  • Dragon Quest 3DS gameplay footage is looking pretty impressive. Uses Mii characters.
  • A 3D ‘Dungeon RPG’ from Atlus with gameplay. It all looks very… Japanese. [Etrian Odyssey IV]
  • Another Level 5 game…
  • A rhythm game from Namco Bandai! Looks very Rhythm Paradise-y. Also, very Japanese.
  • Rune Factory 4 is being shown off. Finally, a game with a title we can read!
  • Sega, Namco and Capcom’s game, Project X Zone gets its first trailer showing off characters from each of the three companies.
  • Mario Tennis Open gameplay is looking very impressive… for a tennis game. Customisation looks pretty in-depth.
  • A turn-based strategy game with Download Play being its main feature…?
  • More collectible AR cards in the style of Kid Icarus: Uprising for said strategy game.
  • Wow, Download Play, AR cards and… Twitter integration!?
  • Cartoony football game for 3DS that we’ve seen before looks… the same as before.
  • … Seems to emphasise three-player versus.
  • New Nintendo 3DS firmware update adds folders!
  • Now we can finally sort our NES Ambassador games from our GBA Ambassador games!
  • Is he talking about Mario Kart 7 DLC? He seemed to say ‘Mario Kart 7,’ then ‘Nintendo eShop.’ [It was actually a patch for the Wuhu Island track glitch!]
  • What’s this!? A Kid Icarus: Uprising… sequel? DLC? What is this!? [Turns out it was the first of two rather long videos teaching you how to adjust the controls in Uprising.]
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising CD available for either 400 or 250… somethings. Club Nintendo points?
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening‘s graphics are looking very nice indeed.
  • Monster Hunter Tri G menu screen. [Possibly showing DLC quests?]
  • And now, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy gameplay.
  • Animal Crossing 3DS screens – a confirmed 2012 release for the game in Japan.
  • 2D Super Mario game for Nintendo 3DS screens shown!! Called New Super Mario Bros. 2!
  • Another Etrian Odyssey IV trailer now.
  • Etrian Odyssey IV has ‘Casual’ difficulty mode, for you n00bs out there.
  • Is this a Wii U game? What’s that tablet this presenter woman’s using?
  • Not a Wii U controller, it seems.
  • More Kid Icarus gameplay? Um, Nintendo, you released this game already.
  • It seems to be focusing on the controls a lot, and they did mention the eShop earlier. Are they releasing a patch? [No, they were telling us in more detail how to adjust the controls.]
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 releasing in August in America! Might we get the game earlier?! We hope so!
  • Aaand, that’s it?

That was indeed ‘it’. What do you make of the announcements? More importantly, did you wake up at 4am to watch?

Of course, this was the Japanese Nintendo Direct stream; Nintendo of Europe shall be hosting their own at mid-day today. If you’d like to keep up-to-date with that, follow our Twitter account as we’ll be doing yet another live tweet-along. Until then, back to sleep!