Pilotwings out this week, Mighty Switch Force! on offer for both Wii U and 3DS (4th July)


The main addition to the eShop this week is the classic Pilotwings for £5.49 (€7.99). Originally launching on SNES, the flight sim combines together a range of different vehicles and challenges, as you must advance through the ranks, and soar through the floating rings scattered across the land. Continue reading

Tetris to see a digital release in this week’s Nintendo eShop update (6th June)


This week’s big eShop highlight? Well, it’s none other than Tetris (known as Tetris Axis in the US), which was originally a retail release on 3DS. And what’s not to love? The 3DS outing is the same addictive puzzler at its core, featuring more content than the original game, while allowing a younger generation to experience the same block-stacking action that’s been around for a near staggering  30 years. Continue reading

Flipnote Studio 3D to release this August in US, Hatena service terminated


After its announcement back in March, fans of the popular animation app, Flipnote Studio on DSiWare will be happy to hear the new improved creation software will be shortly arriving on their 3D handhelds. Flipnote Studio 3D has been confirmed to launch July 3rd for Japanese 3DS owners, while receiving an ‘early August’ release in the US. Continue reading

News: Chasing Aurora and Naruto Powerful Shippuden both have demos in the eShop

chasing_auroraFrom the developers of And Yet It Moves, Wii U eShop launch title Chasing Aurora now has a free demo available to download. If you like what you see, you’ll also be able to pick the game up at half price – at £5.39 – until Thursday.

Namco’s also released a free demo of Naruto Powerful Shippuden, this time on Nintendo 3DS. It’s only available to download until 4th April though, so be sure to pick it up soon if you’re interested in the full retail release. Continue reading

News: Picross E2, The Cave and much more hit the Nintendo eShop this week – Full Line-Up

nintendo_eshopWow! What a week for Nintendo downloads in Europe! There’s original Wii U, 3DS and DSiWare titles, discounts, software updates, and demos – all available to download from Thursday, at around 2pm UK time. Without further ado, here’s the full line-up for you lucky Europeans! Continue reading

News: Tokyo Crash Mobs hits the 3DS eShop this week – Full Line-Up

tokyo_crash_mobsAs another week which neglects to see the release of two of our more anticipated Nintendo downloads – PICROSS e2 and Retro City Rampage – this week’s Nintendo store update is something of a curio – not least due to the fact that we’re being treated to a WiiWare Demo for the first time in, well, ages. Here’s the line-up for 17th January: Continue reading

News: Fractured Soul arrives in the eShop this week – Full Line-Up


This week’s Nintendo downloads see the European release of a long-awaited 3DS platformer, which originally made its eShop debut in North American territories four months back. A lack of Wii U downloads aside, there’s also a dose of DSiWare, and a new Virtual Console title on both Wii and 3DS. Continue reading

News: Ghosts’n Goblins leads this week’s Nintendo downloads into the eShop – Full Line-Up


As usual, it’s not a bad week for Nintendo downloads – not excellent, but there’s some variety to be found in an original 3DS download, a tough-as-nails NES platformer, as well as the usual dose of passable Wii/DSiWare. Once again, no Wii U downloads this week, though. Continue reading

News: Super Mario Bros.’ Japanese sequel and a LEGO-filled demo arrive on 3DS this week – Full Line-Up


It’s the week after Christmas, and this week’s Nintendo downloads somewhat resemble the turkey carcass that remains in your fridge – there’s enough meat on there for maybe a few sandwiches, but nothing for you to truly get your teeth into. Continue reading