07/11/13 – Wii Sports Club, Batman, Layton and more hit the European eShop

wii sports club

With Wii Fit U out last week, Nintendo’s continuing its apparent push to target the Wii U towards casual gamers with this week’s release of two Wii Sports Club mini-games. Bowling and Tennis are the first two reskinned Wii games to arrive as part of this package – you can pick up a Wii Sports Club Day Pass for £1.79, offering you twenty-four hours of gameplay from any of the available sports, or buy each sport individually for £8.99.

It’s worth noting that these games have been outsourced to Namco Bandai, where HD graphics, MotionPlus controls and online multiplayer have been integrated into the experience. Continue reading

Spin the Bottle is this week’s biggest Nintendo download [08/08/13]


If you’re looking for an “innocent modern spin” on the traditional Spin the Bottle party game, Knapnok Games has you covered. For £5.99, you can pick up Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party from the Wii U eShop, and team up with your friends for “a series of innovative physical micro-challenges”. These range from “pushing the Wii Remote’s A and B buttons without using your hands”, to “holding the Wii Remote behind your friend’s back while you both jump together in sync”. Continue reading

Flipnote Studio 3D delayed as Cloudberry Kingdom heads up this week’s downloads [01/08/13]


Artistic Nintendo 3DS owners will be disappointed to hear that Flipnote Studio 3D has been delayed indefinitely in Europe, as the free application’s online servers have been subjected to “unexpectedly high levels of user activity” since its Japanese launch last week. Nintendo apologises for any inconvenience caused, and hopes to finalise a new release date as soon as possible. Continue reading

Mario & Luigi, Star Wars Pinball and Donkey Kong lead this week’s Nintendo downloads (11th June)


Undoubtedly the highest profile release this week, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. arrives in the 3DS eShop alongside its retail counterpart for a reasonable £34.99 (€39.99). Introducing a brand-new antagonist – Antasma the ghostly bat king – the legendary duo will be teaming up once again, with Mario being absorbed into the sleeping Luigi’s dreams for the series’ recurring side-scrolling gameplay sections. Continue reading

Pilotwings out this week, Mighty Switch Force! on offer for both Wii U and 3DS (4th July)


The main addition to the eShop this week is the classic Pilotwings for £5.49 (€7.99). Originally launching on SNES, the flight sim combines together a range of different vehicles and challenges, as you must advance through the ranks, and soar through the floating rings scattered across the land. Continue reading

Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger and Mighty Switch Force! 2 in this week’s downloads (27th June)


Some of you may remember back during E3 2011 when Nintendo revealed its new IP for release on the Nintendo eShop. Dillon’s Rolling Western was released during 2012 as a tower defense game, taking advantage of the 3DS’s touch screen to control the protagonist through 3D landscapes. Continue reading

Animal Crossing, Sonic, and other SEGA classics released this week on the Nintendo eShop (13th June)


The game a large number of Nintendo fans have been anticipating for over 2 years is finally being released this week. Animal Crossing: New Leaf will hit the eShop midnight on June 14th, priced at £34.99. For those that haven’t played a previous game in the series, in the Animal Crossing world, the player takes the role of a human character, moving into a town/village populated by cute animals with human-like abilities. Continue reading

Tetris to see a digital release in this week’s Nintendo eShop update (6th June)


This week’s big eShop highlight? Well, it’s none other than Tetris (known as Tetris Axis in the US), which was originally a retail release on 3DS. And what’s not to love? The 3DS outing is the same addictive puzzler at its core, featuring more content than the original game, while allowing a younger generation to experience the same block-stacking action that’s been around for a near staggering  30 years. Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons & Ages released today on the Nintendo eShop

Today’s weekly eShop update has brought The Legend of Zelda Oracle games to the 3DS Virtual Console. Both games will be discounted for a limited time, costing only £4.49 each until June 20th. Originally released on Game Boy Colour, these games are considered two of the greater 2D Zeldas released. Oracle of Seasons will see Link changing the seasons themselves to aid him with tricky puzzles, while Oracle of Ages has Link set out on a time-spanning adventure, where past decisions affect the future. Both games can be linked together using passwords to carry over items, and to discover other hidden secrets to be found in the games.


Continue reading