Blog: Nintendo and the “Patch Crutch”


I recently played through Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, released on June 14th in North America exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation 3. I began my play-through on June 19th, 5 days after its release. The game was fun enough, but I had a lot of problems with random glitches in different areas, such as guards not appearing until I got up from my crouch, rendered characters dying on a navy blue, flat background, impossible-to-climb ladders complete with buzzing characters, and a wonderfully floaty axe head. When I brought this up to my friend, he said that I had probably run into the problems because it was early in the game’s release, and the game ran much smoother after the released patches. That got me thinking. You shouldn’t have to patch a game to polish gameplay after the game has been sent to the public. Nintendo releases clean, polished games over and over again, is Nintendo ever going to give into the “patch crutch”? Continue reading

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Blog: “Software Only” Statement is Nintendo’s Morale Boost


Very often, as I’m sure many of you do, I find myself reading an awful lot of video game news. With the current console wars undoubtedly going to go down as one of the most fierce in the history of the industry, it’s imperative to keep up with any kind of breaking news that’s being released. Sony’s Jack Tretton murdered the Xbox One at E3, and Microsoft repealed all of their restrictive policies. It’s fiery. There are factions forming on all sides, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft being on the forefront. Continue reading

Blog: The Importance of Reggie

reggieBelow this paragraph lies a list of five different companies. When you read the names, think about what you’re imagining.

McDonald’s. SEGA. Ubisoft. Disney. Valve.

Each of these companies has characters or people- “mascots”, if you will – associated with them. McDonald’s is Ronald McDonald. SEGA has Sonic the Hedgehog. Ubisoft has Rayman,  or whichever protagonist of Assassin’s Creed you prefer. Disney, Mickey Mouse. Valve, GLaDOS, Gordon Freeman, Gabe Newell. Whether or not you like it, these characters have popped into your mind when you read the name of the company. They may have been different than what I wrote, but you’ve still associated the name of the company with some kind of face. These faces make you subconsciously give the company a personality. Mickey is kind of kiddish, with his high voice and soft demeanor, he’s gentle. When you watch the Valve intro, or hear GLaDOS’ voice, you see a company with a lot of mystery, a lot of brain power. A smart company. Continue reading

Blog: E3 Nintendo Directs A “Mature” Decision

iwataAround the end of April, I logged into my various social network feeds ready to catch up on gaming news around the world. E3 was creeping closer and closer, and the rumors had started trickling in, some believable, some straight up lies, all hyping up my expectations for the showcase. Previous years had been a bit of a letdown, but I had forgiven and forgotten. We would soon hear new announcements. New gear, new tech, new games, new everything.  Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo. “The Big 3″ were in my brain constantly. Would Microsoft’s next console finally get worldwide attention? Would the PS4 show why social integration into games mattered? And what of Nintendo, that glorious stallion? With the Wii U just released, what kind of conference would they have to hold to secure the attention of the masses? Continue reading