Feature: Ten Tips to Help You Earn a Fortune in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

animal_crossing_new_leafStruggling to make a decent living in Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Well, we’ve rounded up some of the simplest and most efficient ways to make yourself a giant sum of Bells in a small amount of time. This is a game which requires you check it daily, as missing so much as a day can make you lose out on things that might never happen to you again, or at least, won’t happen for a long time. This means to get the most out of your Animal Crossing experience, you must stay dedicated, checking the game as often as possible. Read on to find out how to make the most out of your time in New Leaf, and the best ways to earn you Bells to fund town projects, as well as net you extra spending money for glamorous items. 

1. Shake the Trees


One of the easiest ways to earn Bells is to shake all of your trees each day. Shaking trees will cause many items to fall out, such as insects, beehives (which can be sold if collected) and other, more valuable objects. If you’re planning on visiting a friend’s town, it might also be a good idea to try and shake their trees for extra money.

2. Collect all the Fruit


When you first start the game, you will be assigned your own fruit which will be the only kind to grow in your town. You can sell the fruit you grow for 100 Bells each, while foreign fruits sell for 250; those which are not usually available in your town can be sold for much higher prices. This is why it is recommended you trade fruit with friends, and then plant some trees in your town so you can sell the fruit on for 500 Bells a piece. It’s also worth taking note that on the first day or two after starting your game, you might come across a ‘perfect’ fruit. It’s advised not to sell this one, and instead plant it, because you can make six times the amount of a normal fruit with each fruit grown on a ‘perfect’ tree. Keep an eye out for these fruits, as you might not see one again for a while. You should be able to tell them apart by the abnormal colour. Don’t forget, there are even more fruits available once you unlock the tropical island. Take time out of your tour mini-game objectives to get yourself some tropical fruit from the trees, which when sold, can fetch 250 Bells a pop.

3. Hit those Boulders


Every day, at least one of the boulders in your town should release money when struck with a shovel. If you continue to strike the special boulder fast and repeatedly, you should be able to earn just under 10,000 Bells. For even more Bells from boulders, you should always dig holes behind you which will stop you from being pushed back when hitting the rocks, and this will help you get even more money out of them. Though don’t forget to try hitting all the boulders in your town, because you just might find some of them breaking, leaving behind a special ore.

4. Get to the Tropical Island


After you’ve paid off the 38,000 Bell mortgage after first getting your house, you might just hear about a special island where previous mayor Tortimer resides. A day or so after, you should find Tortimer waiting for you by your town’s dock. After speaking to him, he will tell you that a boat will start to make trips to your town starting the next day, and whenever you see the boat docked at your shore, a trip to the island will cost you 1,000 Bells. This payment will be worth the trip, since the island has exclusive items you can buy using the ‘medals’ you earn from the tour mini-games. Sell these items on if you fancy a few extra Bells. Fishing and catching bugs is also a great way to make money on the island. It’s home to rare, exclusive creatures which you are able to catch using the items borrowed from the Gyroid. Once you’ve filled up the Drop-off Box, you can return home to sell the goods at Re-Tail, fetching a higher price for exotic items than you would with the regular bugs/fish from your town.

5. Shark/Beetle Farming


Don’t forget, fishing is a great way to make money in Animal Crossing. The rarer the fish, the more Bells you’ll receive. Personally, we’d recommend you wait until you get to the Tropical Island and take your time fishing. Rarer fish are likely to be found in the waters, as both Sharks and Napoleon Fish will sell for around 10,000-15,000 Bells each! Catching large beetles can also net you a large sum of money at once, with rarer beetles appearing on trees after dark. While you can receive a higher amount per shark, beetles are easier to obtain, as they have a much higher spawn rate. Just be patient, and catch as many of the creatures you can find. It’s one of the easier ways to make a big amount of cash at once, as long as you don’t mind biding your time.

6. Use Turnips Carefully


Every Sunday, you’ll be able to find Joan (a boar) roaming your town. She will appear from about 6AM until 12PM, selling her turnips in batches of 10 for about 90-110 Bells per set. You can buy as many turnips as you like, but you should take note that turnips will rot after a week of keeping them, so remember to sell them at Re-Tail sometime before the next Saturday. They will also instantly rot if you sabotage your 3DS’s internal clock, changing the time to suit your needs. The game considers this cheating. It’s recommended you wait a week when Joan sells them for a reasonable price, and waiting for the right day over at Re-Tail to sell them, so you make a good profit. You can even see what the turnip prices are over in your friend’s town, so if Joan is selling them for a low price, or the trading prices over at their Re-Tail is higher one day, then you can act upon it, and make greater profits. Use turnips strategically as a good way to make Bells.

7. Shoot Down the Balloon Presents


Each day, at a certain time, you will sometimes see a present attached to a balloon floating around your town. The main way to get it down is to buy a slingshot to pop the balloon, sending the present to the floor. The slingshot will be available to buy at the T&T Mart – the first upgrade to Timmy and Tommy’s store. The raccoon duo will upgrade their store 10 days after the town’s creation, and you must either spend 12,000 Bells, or buy 15 items in total after starting your game. Another way to get it down is by having it drift towards a cliff to make it easy to hit down with a bug net. If you find that the items you’ve received from doing this don’t strike your fancy, you can sell them for some extra Bells over at Re-Tail.

8. Checking the ‘High-Price’ Item at Re-Tail


The ‘High-Price’ item will vary each day. Check the board outside Re-Tail to find out what can be sold for extra Bells today. So if you see an item which is easy to obtain, you should collect as many as you can during the day, so you can sell them all for a high price later, leaving you with a large amount of money at the end of the day. Like with many other things, a good thing to do is visit your friend’s town for the day and see what their ‘High-Price’ item is at their Re-Tail, so you can sell your goods to their shop, if the item is easy to obtain or you happen to have a number of them going spare already.

9. Dig Up Fossils


When you’re exploring your town, and you come across an area which appears to have a star shape in the ground, then whip out your shovel. This sign indicates that there’s something buried in the ground, and more often than not, it’s a fossil. After gathering many of these, you should go to the Museum in Main Street to get Blathers the Owl to assess the fossils you own. It would be advised to donate the fossils that it doesn’t already own to boost your credibility as Mayor, and then go on to sell any spares at Re-Tail. It shouldn’t take too long before you’re finding plenty of extras, and these items can be worth much more than your regular bug/fish.

10. Katrina’s Good Luck Items


Katrina is a fortune teller who occasionally decides to visit your town sometime throughout the week (Monday-Saturday). You’ll know she’s visiting when her tent is set out somewhere around town. Here, she will tell you your fortune. If you manage to get twenty fortunes from her, you’ll be able to open up a store for her on the main street. You’ll then be able to talk to her to get your fortune told any day you like. She will speak to you about your luck for the day, and which item of clothing to wear for ‘good luck’. This special clothing can range from a top, to a pair of glasses. If you wear this garment your luck will be improved until 11PM. While you have an improved luck bonus, there are different kinds of luck each day. The ‘money luck’ item will increase the the amount of money gained from hitting rocks, shaking trees, etc. Bearing in mind that your luck can have the opposite effect if you’ve received a bad fortune.

We hope these tips will help you on the way to making your Animal Crossing fortune, and if you have any of your own tricks to share, feel free to submit them in the comments below. If you’ve yet to get in on the New Leaf fun, you can purchase a copy of the game here or via the Nintendo eShop.

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