News: La-Mulana Confirmed for Europe and North America

If you’re at all familiar with La-Mulana – a 2005-released PC game from indie developer Nigoro that made the jump to WiiWare in Japan during June of last year – you’ll know of the uncertainty surrounding the promised localisation for us Western audiences.

Long story short: The game’s Japanese publisher Nicalis decided it didn’t want to back its European and North American localisation – a project that Nigoro had already begun work on – leaving the small developer with an unfinished project, and no funding to complete the non-Japanese-language translations.

Thankfully, the guys at EnjoyUp Games have seen La-Mulana‘s potential in the West, and agreed to  publish the game in Europe and North America; and after looking at its features list, who can blame them?

– The best “archaeology action and exploration” game.
– Over 40 hours of play.
– Hundreds of puzzles and secrets to be discovered.
– Wide variety of weapons and objects you can use.
– Use the “Mobile Super X” computer to run help software.
-Large quantity of enemies with spectacular guardians.

According to its Wikipedia page, La-Mulana launches on WiiWare in both regions on 20th September for a reasonable 1,000 Wii Points (around £7). Had you lost hope for this game when Nicalis backed out? How happy are you to finally be able to get your hands on the game later this month?

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